RT ECO Advance Waste Water Treatment Disinfection Solutions

Our RT ECO solutions in using advanced electro-chemical technology to treat waste water / effluent treatment systems for industrial, commercial or rural users – alternative to conventional processes for wastewater treatment. The collaboration and innovation with a specialised leading waste water company provides more than 20 different application for specific industries. This first ever hybrid advanced waste water treatment system is the ultimate solution to treat Palm Oil Mills Effluent (POME) in Malaysia. This high tech system is equipped with SCADA monitoring devices which is an ideal POME treatment system for any remote location operation and it is a System As A Service (SaaS) system where we charge our client per litre treated.

We do undertake all types of EPC, M&E project works including equipment erection, installation, commissioning and insulation works as well. We have qualified and skilled workforce in order to carry out these works.

RT ECO Bespoke Industrial Application

  1. Hospital Wastewater Effluent Treatment Plant
  2. Mobile Wastewater Treatment Plant
  3. Palm Oil Mill Effluent Treatment Plant
  4. Grease Trap Wastewater Treatment Plant
  5. Bio Medical Wastewater Treatment Plant
  6. Sugar Mill Wastewater Treatment Plant
  7. Textile Effluent Wastewater Treatment Plant
  8. Pharmaceutical Effluent Treatment Plant
  9. Dairy Wastewater Treatment Plant
  10. Aquaculture Wastewater Treatment Plant
  11. Livestock Farm Wastewater Treatment Plant
  12. Leachate Effluent Treatment Plant
  13. Carwash / Truck Wash Wastewater Treatment Plant
  14. Slaughterhouse Wastewater Treatment Plant