Smart City Ecosystems

Renexus provides a complete ecosystems that covers all Smart City agenda. The implementation of the  ecosystem shall be done into several functional layers which will integrate various stakeholders wants so that it shall create a conducive and sustainable city.

The solutions that we have would be able to manage and monitor the city traffic management, parking, enforcement, awareness and maintenance. These solutions have been implemented, tested, and upgraded over the past decade and proven solving problems for our clients all over the world.

Our Geographical Information System (GIS) maps and data shall give a complete overview of the city and manages the whole process from reporting issues, to task assignment, to management level reports and dashboards.


According to UN habitants report, by the beginning of the 21st century, there will be more urban than rural areas. this automatically puts more population in developed cities

This dense urban future will potentially stress cities’ infrastructure and services beyond its limits, and will require extended and smarter solutions within the boundaries of limited resources.

Is continually investing in and developing cutting edge technologies for Smart Cities to enhance the quality, performance, connectivity and interactivity of urban traffic and transportation systems, to reduce costs and resource consumption, and to improve the quality of life by deepening the connection and the communication between citizens and service providers.

The range of the products are from software solutions to the hardware using IOT to capture data, processing them and make them ready for real life decisions. Traffic systems, transportation & logistics to utilities and waste management are part of the solutions which we provide to ease life in the 21st century.


We work with city planners, city councils, municipalities, and other urban management authorities to study the existing City management or equipment maintenance problems and provide a detailed plan for required modifications and new equipment need.


Over the past 20 years we have developed both hardware and software products to help city wide problems. We works with many global partners to source products and we have a range of products which have been developed internally.


Not only we study and suggest modification, but also we have a professional, experience team to implement those. From equipment installation, and maintenance, to various types intersection and road construction work.

For a smarter way of living

What is smart services?

The commercialisation of Internet of Things (IoT) by service providers is generally referred to as Smart Services. Service providers can provide innovative and differentiated offerings as part of a service offering by connecting to their products in the field and extracting insights remotely.

Why smart services?

The adoption of Smart Services will pave the way for the development of smart cities. A smart city is one that uses information and communications technologies (ICT) to address the challenges faced by urban areas and their inhabitants. With focus on real estate and township development, we aim to help organisations and local councils to create a safe and sustainable environment for you. 

Nexus Smart City Platform  aims at solving the diverse challenges faced by urban areas. While these vary from one city to the next, challenges can be categorised into four (4) basic elements; 

Mobility & Transportation

Safety & Security

Environmental & Social Sustainability

Public Services

The NEXUS one Smart City Platform addresses these four  main elements. the commercialisation of IoT in the form of Smart Services is a key enabler for Digital Transformation across industries.

Our service offerings

Smart City Wide

Smart Building

Smart Home

Service Exchange Platform