Accelerating the shift to renewable energy

The global focus on transitioning to a low-carbon economy is driving the development of new technologies and innovative solutions. Scaling these innovations to create sustainable alternatives for fossil fuels is creating the need for advanced plastic materials that perform in a wide variety of conditions.

Our high-quality portfolio includes materials for a broad range of applications – both to meet the demands of existing energy companies, as well as enabling a future built on more sustainable energy. Our materials meet the high demands needed to set new standards in design, comfort and ease of use, as well as accelerating the quest to drastically cut energy use. As we move toward circular design thinking, hoping to capture and re-use plastics at the end of a component’s life, engineering plastics can play a leading role in creating a more sustainable product lifecycle.

With each customer, we combine our in-depth technology knowledge with close customer collaboration to develop new applications that answer the search for lighter, stronger and more durable materials. Our focus is always on helping our customers stay ahead of the curve, so they can lead the market through the use of cutting-edge technology, including high-value, specialty materials, and more advanced grades that demonstrate improved mechanical performance in the most demanding conditions.

Materialising the possibilities

At RENEXUS, sustainability is the core value of the company. We are focused on delivering science-based, sustainable and scalable solutions that address the challenges our world faces today. We have a strong commitment toward Climate and Energy, Resources and Circularity. 

We measure the environmental and social impact of our products at both a production level and their overall full life cycle, from resource extraction to waste management. Insights from these studies show us where we can further improve and where to target, so we constantly improve the sustainability performance of our customers or end users.

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