Clean Smartcity Ecosystem

Renexus provides a complete ecosystem that covers all Smart City applications via a seamless platform with several functional layers which will integrate various stakeholders in empowering a sustainable city.

The solutions that we have would be able to manage and monitor utilities, city traffic management, parking, enforcement, awareness and maintenance. These solutions have been implemented, tested, and upgraded over the past decade and proven solving problems for our clients all over the world.

Our Geographical Information System (GIS) maps and data shall give a complete overview of the city and manages the whole process from reporting issues, to task assignment, to management level reports and dashboards.

Renexus Smart City Initiative

According to UN habitants report, by the beginning of the 21st century, there will be more urban than rural areas. this automatically puts more population in developed cities

This dense urban future will potentially stress cities’ infrastructure and services beyond its limits, and will require extended and smarter solutions within the boundaries of limited resources.

Is continually investing in and developing cutting edge technologies for Smart Cities to enhance the quality, performance, connectivity and interactivity of urban traffic and transportation systems, to reduce costs and resource consumption, and to improve the quality of life by deepening the connection and the communication between citizens and service providers.

The range of the products are from software solutions to the hardware using IOT to capture data, processing them and make them ready for real life decisions. Traffic systems, transportation & logistics to utilities and waste management are part of the solutions which we provide to ease life in the 21st century.


We work with city planners, city councils, municipalities, and other urban management authorities to study the existing City management or equipment maintenance problems and provide a detailed plan for required modifications and new equipment need.


Over the past 20 years we have developed both hardware and software products to help city wide problems. We works with many global partners to source products and we have a range of products which have been developed internally.


Not only we study and suggest modification, but also we have a professional, experience team to implement those. From equipment installation, and maintenance, to various types intersection and road construction work.

For a smarter way of living

What is smart services?

The adoption of Smart Services will pave the way for the development of smart cities. A smart city is one that uses information and communications technologies (ICT) to address the challenges faced by urban areas and their inhabitants. With focus on real estate and township development, we aim to help organisations and local councils to create a safe and sustainable environment for you. 

NexusOne Smart City Platform  aims at solving the diverse challenges faced by urban areas. While these vary from one city to the next, challenges can be categorised into four (4) basic elements;

Mobility & Transportation
Safety & Security
Environmental & Social Sustainability
Public Services

The NexusOne Smart City Platform addresses these four  main elements. the commercialisation of IoT in the form of Smart Services is a key enabler for Digital Transformation across industries.

NexusOne Smart City Wide

NexusOne Smart Street Light

NexusOne Smart Street Lighting portfolio refers to street lighting that can adapt to changing requirements (e.g. dims when no activity is detected but brightens when movement is detected etc.). The adaptive feature is different from traditional, stationary illumination, or dimmable street lighting that only dims at pre-determined times. Core to this portfolio is the ability to remotely manage, monitor and schedule street lighting functions.

NexusOne Smart Traffic Light

NexusOne Smart Traffic Light portfolio refers to a vehicle traffic control system that combines traditional traffic lights with an array of sensors and artificial intelligence to intelligently route vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Core to this portfolio is the ability to remotely manage and monitor traffic lights to improve traffic conditions. Analytics capabilities also supports security and surveillance initiatives.

NexusOne Public Reporting System

NexusOne Public Reporting System is an engagement platform that connects citizens to city/town councils and municipality for the purpose of feedback, reporting and monitoring. The engagement platform enables city/town councils to efficiently and effectively address and monitor remedial actions through workflow delegation to suppliers and contractors

NexusOne Smart Building

NexusOne Smart Building Management System

NexusOne BMS portfolio enables automatic, centralised control of a building's heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting and other systems. Core to this portfolio is the ability to improve occupant comfort, efficient operation of building systems, reduction in energy consumption, operating costs and improved life cycle of utilities. All of this can be done through a solution that provides users with a single pane of glass for operation and management.

NexusOne Smart Office

NexusOne Smart Office is an integrated solution that leverages key functionality and features from various Smart Services offerings. For example (Smart Parking, Access and Control, Smart Building Management System, Surveillance) all of which work in concert to enhance the office tenant experience. A key feature of the solution is the single touchpoint that is delivered via mobile devices (smartphone and tablets) as well as laptops to leverage building related functionalities.

NexusOne Smart Home

NexusOne Smart Home

NexusOne Smart Home portfolio addresses the need for technology enabled home automation and security. By leveraging on mobile devices loaded with NEXUS ONE Smart Home connected application, home owners will be able to automate and control appliances remotely. Security is addressed through the monitoring and control from NEXUS ONE Integrated Operation Centre (IOC).

NexusOne Access Control

NexusOne Access and Control offering leverages on access control devices for access verification and identification, visitor registration and security check point. The control includes both traditional pin and badge access all the way to facial recognition scanners.

NexusOne Surveillance System

NexusOne surveillance offering is part of a wider solution that addresses Safety and Security. It covers

  • CCTV – integration and detection
  • Platform for analysis
  • Platform for decision making and
  • Response and action. The solution also has the capabilities to provide advance analytics features that can be linked to access control (e.g. License Plate Recognition) and Traffic analysis for Smart City-wide services.

NexusOne Service Exchange Platform

NexusOne Service Exchange Platform

The Service Exchange Platform is an open platform for the integration of Internet of Things (IoT). Powered by API-led connectivity, it enables the communications of things, sensors and devices for delivery of Smart Services.

  • Consolidate and manage distribution of information.
  • Provide analytics and necessary processing for the collected information.
  • Provide and manage interfaces for vertical services through the API management module.
  • Enable creation of new Smart Services and apps.
  • Improve management and control of IoT devices and services.
NexusOne Integrated Operation Center

An Integrated Operation Centre (IOC) monitors incidents and events for better response through a centralised command centre.

  • Artificial intelligence-based proactive monitoring.
  • Onsite technical personnel for emergency response and escalation.
  • Allow onsite enforcer to focus on their best level to protect the citizens.
  • 24-hour assistance by certified support personnel.
  • 360 degrees MIX RESLITY System monitoring on a single dashboard – power, energy, etc.
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