High capital requirement and market complexity are the major challenges faced by most of the clean tech projects nowadays, and this is where RENEXUS serves a role as an investment advisor to make fund possible with providing innovative capital solutions such as financing & funding to high potential clean technology projects in Asia Pacific.

RENEXUS together with our global partners and affiliate collaborative efforts invests in the clean tech companies whereby we will co-invests, offers credit enhancement and other financial support to prepare them into the sustainable clean technology society. As the industry leader, RENEXUS is taking the accountability to identify and access growth companies that are ready for international expansion and then take an action role to execute the companies strategy.

In RENEXUS Clean Tech Capital solution, we strive to help potential clean tech projects to expand and globalize by providing access to funds to growth companies within their targeted sectors.

Along the journey, we look forward to meeting opportunities in the sectors of sustainable clean technologies. We believe there are still many proven sustainable clean technologies that have not been globalized and recognized. Our aim is to empower those potential clean tech projects through our clean tech capital solutions.

Collaborating with like-minded partners is significant in the process, we have joined initiatives that are aligned with - and help guide - our approach to sustainable investment, and we actively work with peers and investors to advance shared goals, develop and define sustainable investment best practices.

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