RENEXUS and EXXAR are driving the cleantech solution industry through education and adoption of AI, VR, Machine Learning and Deep Learning (Engineering, Automation and Robotics) towards IR 4.0 to produce certified knowledge workers.

Together we are empowering the industry to design, develop, automate, train market and commercialize products and solutions. In accordance with the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Goal Developments (SDGs) Goal 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure, which aim to build a resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation.

Virtual Reality is a computer-generated simulation or replacement of one environment.Unlike traditional user interfaces, VR places the user inside an experience. VR tries to replicate the reality of the physical world by using a virtual or synthetic world.

The virtual world is generated by a computer (or mobile phones) using software and hardware technology. The virtual world is a combination of the scene and the objects that you interact with. For example, instead of viewing a screen in front of them, users are being immersed and able to interact with the 3D worlds.

Digital, Real, Immersive!

Digital data with life-size visualization, interaction & experience

Instant - Save time, cost & effort!

Transforms existing desktop applications to immersive VR/AR experience without any software change or data conversion

Collaborative Digital Workflows!

Removes needs for physical meetings, physical prototypes & training

Experience the simulated world with our globally developed VR solutions

Intelligence Design

With the introduction of virtual prototyping, efficiency is increased by learning, seeing, doing and hearing simultaneously with more than 50% decrease in the design cost and time by using immersive technologies like Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality for design visualization. Our solutions pace-up the design process along with reduced investments.


With VR, we provide a solution to manage project monitoring and production line easily. We provide a virtual world to schedule project performance review, feedback and instruction, even from a remote location. Our solutions eliminate the need of physical presence on the site to review work or instruct for certain tasks.


The strength of VR lies in its immersive experience to persuade consumers to buy a product. Our VR solutions offer the right platform to market your product/brand, for your customers and eventually gain the popularity it deserves. We offer 360-degree VR videos, brand promotional VR videos, VR Fly/Walk throughs, etc

Engineering Industry Challenges & Solutions


Heavy capital investments once design is finalized

  • Design changes during production are very expensive design should be robust
  • Time-to-market is key need for shorter design cycles
  • Global teams & suppliers cost & time of physical prototypes & meetings


Digital Transformation of product design & production

  • Reduce design review time by 89% with digital prototyping & reviews
  • Reduce production errors by 92% with digital design validation of human aspects
  • Save travel time & costs by 52% with digital collaboration with team & suppliers

The EXXAR Kit is the one-stop-solution for all your VR needs

Real Time Visualisation

  • With EXXAR skip the data conversion pipeline and get from CAD to VR in less than a minute

Fully integrated solution

  • VR in a Box comes with pre-configured hardware and software letting users digitally transform within an hour


  • The self contained flight case includes all required VR hardware, software with mounts and accessories

High-Level Architecture
The EXXAR Kit is having multiple types of equipment which are required to be integrated together to be able to work as a VR solution. The VR workstation is the center point of the solution, all other hardware including HMD, controllers, base stations, data gloves, and trackers for full-body shall be connected to the workstation. VR software will also be installed on the VR workstation running 3D CAD software data in real-time with interaction capability.

Head-Mounted Display and SteamVR
SteamVR is a virtual reality system, with a head-mounted display, the head-mounted display is a VR device with highly precise motion tracking that contains two screens (1440—1600 pixels per eye, 2880 x 1600 pixels combined) streaming data at high refresh rates (90Hz) to create a sense of 3D virtual reality. Lenses sit between your eyes and the display to create a rounded field of view and help your eyes focus on the LCDs. The headset will connect via a hardwire to a PC, which will run applications and other VR software.

Data Gloves
Data Gloves is a complete feedback solution that includes 30 nos. sensors and 05 nos. vibrotactile actuators one on each finger of the data gloves letting the user feel their virtual environment. The actuators are embedded inside of the glove for form and function. Each actuator can be programmed to vary the strength of the touch sensation. Key Specifications of Data gloves are as follows:

  • 30 Sensors to track all finger joints
  • 5 Tactile Feedback Sensors

VR Workstation
VR-ready computers are those that are built specifically for use with virtual reality headsets. To visualize data/3D models created on CAD machine a fast rendering stereo capable workstation is required. As a part of our solution for education purposes, we are providing a high-end VR workstation with the 3D stereo capability to visualize CAD data in 3D. The VR workstation comes with the following high-level specifications:

  • Intel Core i7 Processor
  • 8 GB DDR4 RAM
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX1070 or better
  • Adequate cooling arrangement for thermal dissipation.

Virtual Reality Software
The key component that brings all of these diverse set of hardware together is the software. The software bundled is a proven platform that is widely used for design reviews and 3D visualization in various manufacturing and design applications.

The Desktop VR system can be utilized for visualization, basic design reviews, and human-centric detailed design reviews for industrial designs, archaeological surveys using 3D scanning etc. For other systems the respective integration can be done in subsequent stages. The review usually focuses on various aspects including but not limited to the following:

Real-Time Visualization Software: To cater to the needs of quick visual and interactive reviews, wherein the most recently updated datasets on 3D CAD software needs to be visualized immediately in VR with built-in interaction capability using the tracking system, a real-time visualization software which can connect to the 3D CAD application will be provided.

The above-mentioned operations would be carried out with the help of VR peripherals that are specified as part of the previous section.

Virtual Reality Application

VR training in ship building
VR training in SASE
VR training in manufacturing
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