RENEXUS, CREST Malaysia and Sananbio United States had established their collaboration together in driving the food nexus agenda in Malaysia. RENEXUS being the Cleantech Innovation Hub leader for CREST Malaysia is delighted to be a partner to SananBio, which is disruptive in indoor agriculture. We are focused into commercialisation of our vertical farming RandD in producing a clean food solution for food security in clean smart city.

Vertical farming is one of the most common practices in urban farming. The process uses significantly less water and generally also makes the plants has less exposure to chemicals and diseases to achieve safe and clean food in align with the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Goal Developments (SDGs) Goal 2: End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture.

Throughout the years, the intensive farming, land exploration for huge projects on plantation and deforestation for farming activities, agricultural land is emerging. At RENEXUS, the vertical farming is built out of high-density food grade polypropylene, scalable up to 8 layers, and customizable light to bed height to optimize plant growth at all life stages without the affected by weather.

Therefore, the RENEXUS vertical farming concept gives farmers and researchers alike the flexibility to adjust cultivars based off of market demand or research parameters. It helps to save farming spaces and conserve the environment and by its technology consisting of:

- Fully-Integrated electrical and plumbing
- Built-in patented LED lights with optimized spectrum to support plant growth at all life stages.
- Quick set-up and installation
- Crop versatility ranging from whole head lettuce, leafy greens, micro-greens, and culinary herbs.


Led by a team of scientists and another R&D professionals, we are investing heavily in the science that is sustainable, local, and fresh indoor food and crop production. With deep expertise in photobiology, plant nutrition, and plant cultivation techniques, we are at the forefront of sustainable indoor agriculture.


Photobiology is an evolving area of science that studies the interactions of light on living organisms. One of our core focuses is the optimisation of lighting spectrum that allow plants to thrive at all stages of growth. Through the latest developments in LED lighting technology in conjunction with years of scientific research, we are working to understand the synergy that exists between artificial light and plants. Our unique spectra has been trialed on a multitude of cultivars and our results have shown that by optimising the spectrum based off of the cultivar we are able to increase nutritional value, drive unique genetic expression, increase active naturally occurring chemical compounds, and shorten flowering times.


Our team of elite plant scientist have worked tirelessly to develop proprietary nutrient blends that support a wide array of cultivars at different life stages of growth while growing in a controlled environment setting. With so much of our food today lacking proper nutritional value, our team is working to understand the most effective way grow nutritionally dense food sustainably in an indoor vertical farm. This cutting-edge science will lead to breakthroughs in the way we grow our food, how and when it is consumed, how it is transported to ensure maximum nutritional value.


With a team of scientists, senior designers, engineers, and product developers solely dedicated to understanding building the eco-systems that support thriving vertical farms, we is positioned at the fore-front of the science of vertical farming design and plant factory operations. We are focused on providing a holistic solution that allows us to partner with our clients from the ideation phase to the execution of their indoor vertical farm. Our research has given way to various patents in areas of plant growth illumination, hydroponic cultivation equipment, and accessories/equipment for industrial plant production. Great grow technology and equipment is just one aspect that must be taken in to account when venturing in to indoor vertical farming. Know before you grow.

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