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Proven solution adopted by largest waste companies and EPC contractors with more than 110 plants operation or under construction worldwide. Started in Hungary in year 1998 and clients ranging from large municipalities to multinational companies such as GM, Audi, Alcoa, Shell, Suzuki and GE.

Organica believe in innovation and invested significantly into R&D and focus exclusively on the commercialization of its own biological wastewater treatment solution, the Organica Food Chain Reactor (FCR). In an Organica FCR facility, almost all of the biomass is fixed on the natural (plant) and engineered (patented biofiber media) root structures, resulting in low suspended solids throughout each stage of the treatment process.

Today, Organica is an international company with offices on six different continents, and the world leader in bringing sustainable wastewater solutions to communities all over the world, with more than 110 facilities in 16 different countries.

For the Wastewater Facility, Organica offers core products and services to enable construction of a complete WWTP in a compact, odorless, botanical garden-like facility. The result is a wastewater facility which offers a significantly reduced physical footprint, zero psychological footprint, and lower operational and infrastructure costs when compared to other activated sludge-based wastewater treatment solutions.

Organica offering for Operations Management pulls together their expertise in process design, bio-kinetic modelling, and analytical sensors/instruments with Digital Software to help facility owners run their wastewater facility reliably and efficiently, 24/7/365. This flexible solutions cover the full spectrum from complete Operations and Maintenance to basic Digital Monitoring, allowing clients to start small and progress as they see the savings.

Organica core DNA started and ended with design. Our wastewater facilities embody a new concept in wastewater design, blending nature with new architectural concepts and efficient engineering to produce beautiful botanical gardens that efficiently treat wastewater. As our journey continued and the industry around us started to catch up, eventually the demand for preliminary engineering designs far exceeded the supply we could generate with our talented team. This started us on a path towards developing a software tool to automate preliminary engineering. Process engineers, mechanical engineers, civil engineers, and architectural engineers worked together with software engineers to codify the design procedure and build this first-of-its-kind engineering automation software. The software went through ongoing evolution and optimization, eventually launching to the public as Organica Central Station. The analogy we used at that time was that of a train station, with the idea being that the train is leaving the station, either you get on and ride into the future of design in the industry, or you don't and you get run over. We later renamed it Design Generator, and in 2019 we launched the Transcend Water brand to focus exclusively on distribution of this revolutionary engineering automation software. For more information, please drop an email at

Traditional wastewater treatments plants are large, centralized, smelly facilities. As such, they can only be built far outside of population centers. This results in massive infrastructure requirements and a much higher treatment cost. Additionally, more than 90% of global treatment costs are not actually going towards the treatment of the water, but rather in the sewer network. With land values and water scarcity on the rise, it is clear that sustainable water management for any community MUST include onsite treatment and water recycling in population centers. However, if the treatment plants are smelly and far away from the people, then this is not an economically feasible or sustainable solution. Over the past two decades Organica has developed a highly imaginative approach to wastewater treatment for urban and residential areas. Our facilities utilize active biofilms on natural (plant) and/or engineered root structures, all housed in a fully-enclosed, odorless facility. The result is a solution which offers a significantly reduced physical footprint and lower operational and infrastructure costs when compared to conventional wastewater treatment solutions, all in the form of a pleasant botanical garden-like environment that can located right in the center of town!

Governments and private operators of wastewater networks, rivers, lakes and treatment facilities all have a common set of issues. Keeping capital cost and operational cost managed, while balancing the health and operational efficiency and reliability. Externally, citizens are looking for increased transparency and innovation that will improve the current environmental situation on our planet and at the same time meet their wastewater needs. This is a difficult balance, especially because this is an industry that has not changed much in 100 years. Change brings risk, so clients need expert partners that can mitigate these risks while balancing savings with delivering customer requirements. Whether it is a surface water body like a river or lake, a wastewater facility that uses Organica FCR, a conventional treatment process, or any other type of situation without a digital solution, Organica experienced team has a lot to offer operators. Within Organica, our professional teams have a combined 500+ years of wastewater experience globally, and our broad engineering group of Programmers, Process Designers, Automation Experts and experienced O&M professionals have solved the toughest challenges. Our goal is to resolve our clients pain points and meet their definition of success. At Organica we combined Software, Hardware & Sensors, and our expertise to offer Organica Water Digital Services (OWDS) to our clients. Digital Software is the enabler to connect, analyze and optimize plant operations. By adding our Digital Services, we can usually guarantee a minimum of 15% OPEX savings, depending on the specific application. Identification of local problems with operators is where we start. Organica team will customize the right level of sensors, software, and expertise to solve the issue, and determine the right level of capital to achieve an adequate return on investment. After designing the initial solution, Organica partnership expands to assisting with operating the plant or monitoring station with the right level of chemical, quality/quantity of sludge, and minimum energy to keep cost and operational excellence in balance. At Organica, we believe it takes strong partnerships with our customer to achieve success. ONLY by utilizing software to give everyone EYES into facility performance can facilitate the collaboration required to achieve success, turning the data that is normally not utilized into real time, actionable insights.

Our Components Of The Service

  • Remote Expert Support By utilizing the Industrial Internet of Things, we connect plant data securely to our experts so they can advise, report and consult with the operations team.
  • Controls Upgrade Services Adding localized control analytics give operators simply programmed operational mode selection for energy efficiency and max output that can be customized to your plant needs.
  • High-end Sensor Service Our team of local Field Service Experts can take on the responsibility to make sure your sensors are clean, reliable and calibrated correctly.
  • Compliance Data Services Support the data collection and formatting of the increased regulated environmental data reporting local guidelines.
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