Pharem Biotech Enzymatic System

Pharem advanced biotechnology is the solution for all these challenges. Pharem Filter System (PFS) is capable to solve the wastewater key issue, as it the first patented enzyme-carrying filtration system capable of removing large range of organic pollutants. This filtration system can be easily installed and fit into most of the wastewater treatment facilities. Pharem technology is now been recognized a clean water solution market leading cost model as it offers offer simple, cost-effective applications with safe implementation of the highest efficiency to the market.

Through Pharem patented platform technology we can develop enzymes to be highly efficient to degrade organic micro pollutants in almost any water environment. In combination with immobilization or release systems we create products and solutions that have high efficiency and require no added energy to be fully functional.

Full service solution from start

Pharem systems are designed and installed to offer full service solutions from the start. The plug-and-play modular systems typically includes structure (indoors or outdoors), columns, controls, flow and other measurement equipment. This comes with installation, start-up and a tailored maintenance plan.

Tailored maintenance plans and upgrade service

Each installation comes with a tailored maintenance plan to adhere to the needs of both the customer and the installation. From start the filter-columns are loaded with the latest versions of the activated filtermaterial, which will be replaced according to decided frequency. Any advancements in the filtermaterial can be applied on all installation.

Upgrades can be applied directly

Pharem enzyme technology allows continuous advancements in all core areas of treatment systems. Any upgrades can be directly applied on the production and supply-chain which allows all customers to take advantage of the improvements.

Technology features

  1. Organic compounds can be treated
    Enzymes are naturally occurring and is present in all living things as w know it. They are catalysts and speed up reactions. Using the Nature as a toolbox we can develop enzymes and enzyme mixtures to treat almost any organic compound. No organic compound have been proven to hard to solve and overcoming challenges when developing enzymes.
  2. Flexible treatment technology
    Compared to other treatment technologies, enzymes are not bound or limited to single treatment mechanisms. Every enzyme represents a treatment mechanisms which can be added to a treatment application. A treatment step for all-covering purposes can therefore be achieved by mixing enzymes to create a broad spectrum effect.
  3. No energy and low risk
    The nature of enzymes allows the treatment be done without adding energy. This results in that all products and solutions are energy independent, reducing overall installation and operational costs. At the same time all applications have been design to not add additional operational risks to our customers. This applies to both municipal, industry and household installations.
  4. Upgrades are directly available
    The fact that all Pharem products are based on the same plattform technology comes with many advantages regarding flexibility of upgrades. Whenever an advancement is done to the core technology, it can be applied almost instantly on all products and solutions without disrupting cost-frames, operations or performance. This kind of everlasting chain of upgrades is unique to the enzyme technology compared to other technologies.
  5. High performance
    Enzymes are natural catalysts that speed up and control reactions. Each enzyme is developed to have a specific activity and act on the compounds where this function is applicable.  The possibility to increase the concentration of these enzymes to be constantly applied to a water volume makes the treatment highly efficient, and the results highly predictable.
  6. Biodegradable
    All enzymes consists of long and complex chains of amino acids. Enzymes are stable and biodegradable which makes them environmentally-friendly catalysts. Applying enzymes to treatment applications creates a sustainable installation with low environmental impact compared to other installations with similar purposes.
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