RENEXUS is the leader in the clean water solution sector providing and promoting the end-to-end capabilities of water reuse for Malaysia and Asia Pacific market. In this innovation, RENEXUS collaborates with its global partners in the clean water solution sector: Organica Water, RT ECO, Pharem Biotech AB in creating a sustainable economy and ecosystem. 

RENEXUS which uses advanced technology and solutions for the cleantech industry has significant economic and environmental benefit. This award-winning technology which treats all types of waste water for water reuse, and enable customers from worldwide to address urban water challenges in an advanced, cost and resource efficient manner.

Organica Water IFAS - FCR

RENEXUS understands that government sectors and private operators specifically in the agriculture-related industry, wastewater networks, rivers, lakes and treatment facilities all have a common set of issues - maintain a low capital and operational cost, while balancing the health and function efficiency and reliability.

At RENEXUS, we value Organica’s wastewater facilities embody a new concept in wastewater design, blending nature with new architectural concepts and efficient engineering to produce beautiful botanical gardens that efficiently treat wastewater. 

Advanced Waste Water Treatment Disinfection Solutions - Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME)

With RT ECO System Configuration, RENEXUS apply the Hybrid Advanced Wastewater treatment system to embed it as a solution to Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME) treatment problems. 

It is a wastewater discharging outcome of the sterilization process, crude oil clarification process and cracked mixture separation process. POME supports both Mobile Trailer Mounted System and Containerized System, which offers low power consumption, leaving the smallest footprint on nature while comply with the environmental regulations.

Pharem Biotech Enzymatic System

Pharem Biotech Enzymatic System is a waste treatment technology that specializes in enzymatic treatment of wastewater to remove organic micropollutants.  Through Pharems patented platform technology, RENEXUS can develop enzymes to be highly efficient to remove pharmaceuticals or similar organic compounds in almost any water environment. 

One of the most critical challenges facing in Malaysia’s industry is that most of the current modern wastewater treatment facilities are not designed for effective removal of pharmaceuticals or similar organic compounds. But the fact is, the widely used pharmaceuticals (synthetic or natural chemicals found in prescription medicines, over-the-counter therapeutic drugs and veterinary drugs) are still finding their way into the drinking water supply via wastewater treatment facilities and it leads to posing serious threats to public health globally. 

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