“Industrial Revolution 5.0 focuses on the co-operation between man and machine, as human intelligence works in harmony with cognitive computing. By putting humans back into industrial production with collaborative robots, workers will be up-skilled to provide value-added tasks in production, leading to mass customisation and personalisation for customers.” Raconteur, History of Industrial Revolution
Governments and companies face formidable challenges with IR5.0 readiness and risk losing competitiveness. Cleantech ecosystems is the solution. 
Renexus works with national institutions and industries to identify cleantech solutions, harness the power of disruptive innovations to leapfrog the linear path of progress to clean growth, higher productivity and a clean economy.
We provide comprehensive turnkey solutions, catalyze innovation hubs, and connect global investors to cleantech projects across Asia Pacific.
From enabling clean smart cities to electrochemical and biological wastewater treatment;  water management solutions for municipalities and industries, including Pharmaceutical, Oil & Gas and Agriculture to innovations for clean energy and effluent treatment, from food security to air and surface disinfection,

Our cleantech solutions help nations accelerate IR5.0 adoption and achieve their sustainable development goals.


The Renexus Group has carved itself a niche as an enabler of Public & Private Partnership in sustainable technology solutions for nation-building – the core of what we do. Together with our global partners and affiliates, we bring frontier technologies that lead a smart city cleantech solutions in Asia Pacific.
Our journey began almost two decades ago as Consultants to private and public sector clients in Malaysia and the region, in the fields of geospatial intelligence, architectural engineering design and management.

Our Inspiration

The global paradigm shift towards "Sustainable Development Solutions" and practices further shaped our approach and values to solving the formidable challenges of IR5.0.
In 2007 we marked our first key milestone; a major turnkey project in Syria to build sewage and water treatment plants serving four million households in the capital city. Building on this success, with our team of experts and professionals, we expanded our focus on bringing holistic and comprehensive cleantech solutions across key economic sectors namely water, energy, food and waste security solutions.
Over the years, we built a vast experience and expertise in addressing the water-energy-food-waste nexus integrating cross-sectorial thinking for economically sustainable, integrated and climate friendly developments.

Our Expertise

Our approach is holistic. Large or small scale, RENEXUS is adept at delivering end-to-end: from inception to completion, including operation and maintenance of facilities. This covers Artificial Intelligence, Bioengineering and Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning (EPCC) of cleantech projects.
With our state-of-the-art Virtual Reality (VR) and Geospatial Intelligence solutions, clients are able to unlock new sources of value as well as leverage these technology disruptors to conduct immersive training, provide decision support system to engineers, produce certified high-skilled workers, facilitate knowledge transfer, or master the challenges of implementation.
RENEXUS is further trailblazing cleantech capital; creating access to funds for high potential cleantech projects in the Asia Pacific.

Our Goal

Renexus Group is driven by a desire to deliver projects that are environmentally, socially and economically responsible and also benefit project owners, end-users or recipients. We aim to do our part in bringing about a greener lifestyle, healthy living and restore our harmonious balance with nature.


RENEXUS was selected by the Center for Collaborative Research in Science Engineering and Technology (CREST) of Malaysia to lead the CLEANTECH INNOVATION HUB in Malaysia.

Frontier Advanced Technologies Each Delivering a Critical Component of Sustainable National Development Agenda


Renexus is in a unique position at the heart of technology and finance, as we work closely with governments, corporates and investors to integrate sustainability into the core of their capital-raising, investment and development decisions in-line with the highest Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria.

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