BIOSECURITY 4.0  for the Healthcare Sector

Destroy all known types of pathogenic microflora

  • Disinfection efficiency: Up to 100% (microorganisms, viruses, bacteria)
  • Room processing time: 150m3 in 3 minutes
  • Reliability: Continuous disinfection performance monitoring system
  • Safety and Cleanliness: Using Xenon gas. No chemicals, no mercury

RENEXUS has partnered with Melitta to bring Yanex advanced disinfection technology to Malaysia and the ASEAN region through its wholly owned subsidiary, Biowave.

Biowave is solely focus on Bio-Security 4.0 for the healthcare sector and will promote Melitta’s advanced technology for air and surface disinfection of viruses and bacteria in all build environment.Pulsed ultraviolet Yanex series, designed for emergency and planned disinfection of air and indoor surfaces.
Yanex ultraviolet technology deployed using pulsed Xenon is able to achieve 99.99% disinfection efficiency rate in the shortest processing time, from as low as 30 seconds to 5 minutes (standard room), to eliminate microorganisms, viruses and all types of bacteria (vegetative forms, spores, multi-resistant strains resistant to antibacterial therapy, chemical disinfectants as well as surfaces contaminated with biological material (e.g. blood, sputum, saliva, urine).


Yanex series are successfully being used in the fight against COVID-19 in South Africa, Italy, Ireland, and Israel for the disinfection of hospitals and clinic premises, ambulance helicopters, ambulances, etc.

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