One of the biggest challenges to IR 4.0 readiness is the application and optimisation of the ever evolving technologies.

Renexus understands this critical challenge and its impact on productivity and competitiveness. Together with our partners, Renexus is driving the cleantech industry solutions with the state-of-the-art tools linking the physical world and the virtual world through education and adoption of Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Machine Learning and Deep Learning (Engineering, Automation and Robotics) towards IR 4.0 producing certified knowledge workers.

Design, Review Efficiency and Realtime Design Collaboration


Save Time and Cost, Faster Go-to-Market

  • Reduce design review time by 89% with digital prototyping & reviews
  • Reduce production errors by 92% with digital design validation of human aspects
  • Save travel time & costs by 52% with digital collaboration with team & suppliers

Connect instantly and virtually with your remotely working communicate around your 3D data in 3 simple steps.

Collaborate securely. - no more relying on emails to share and collaborate with 3D CAD files

  • Reduce travel costs by 47% or more
  • Reduce design review timeline by 89%
  • Reduce production downtime by 49%



Renexus is supporting governments and local agencies to foster and nurture the innovation, design and adoption of sustainable cleantech solutions to meet the challenges of the future.

In Malaysia, Renexus has collaborated with CREST, the catalyst for Malaysia’s technology ecosystem to build the Cleantech Innovation Hub at Menara JLand in Johor.

The Innovation Hub bridges industry, policy makers and universities that bear common interests, and is designed to be the innovative test bed to demonstrate and test the latest solutions for Smart Living Applications..


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