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The clean energy industry generates hundreds of billions in economic activity, and is expected to continue to grow rapidly in the coming years. There is tremendous economic opportunity for countries that invent, manufacture and export clean energy technologies.

In the journey towards sustainability, clean energy is also part of the key solutions provided by Renexus Group. Our solutions help nations harness the power of renewable energy resources in the form of hydropower, biomass and solar. Renexus plays an instrumental role in conserving nature by reducing the use of natural gas & coal in electricity generation and utilize the resources to produce renewable energy to the country.


Due to the intermittency of wind and solar production, hydropower is one of the most attractive and intriguing solutions to harness energy, yet there are not many types of viable technologies for low-head hydropower.

Introducing the most profitable low-head hydropower plant – Turbulent low-head vortex turbines.
A reliable and continuous on- and off-grid alternative to diesel, solar, wind and other intermittent generators.

Renexus through its collaboration with Turbulent is bringing a new way to approach hydropower by harnessing energy from the natural flow of the stream, a design that separates itself from other low-head hydropower ideas in simplicity, reliability, and cost-efficiency.

Ready For Anywhere.

The Renexus hydropower Turbulent turbine technology is the ideal solution for even the most remote locations.

Cost-efficient, sustainable, reliable power generation solution for On-and Off-Grid Community:

On-Grid - Cost-saving with the cleanest possible electricity.

A good quality grid is available near the turbine installation & consumers. The turbine will decrease your electricity bill considerably. The backbone is an induction generator that is coupled to the grid and will provide over 90% uptime.

● Lower electricity costs
● Sell energy to the grid
● Sustainable,future-proof technology
● At least 30 years of energy generation
● Shared costs for the community


Basic Off-Grid - Reliable remote electricity, hydro only.

A top-quality micro-grid providing energy right from the water with the following features:
• Pure Sine Wave Inverter
• Controlled dump loads + Power Factor Correction (PFC) for optimal load balancing
• Starting battery for generator

● Electrification of remote areas without access to the grid
● Energy 24/7
● Local economy development
● Higher life-quality


Smart On/Off-Grid - Reliable electricity anywhere, combined hydro.

A top-quality micro-grid compatible with other power sources and energy storage. It has the same functionalities of the basic off-grid solution, with the following additional features:

  • Peak consumer loads up to 3x turbine power, ensuring energy availability during peak demand
  • Batteries dimensioned for peak-shaving and increased uptime till 99%
  • Can be grid-connected with uninterrupted switching between on and off-grid
  • Easily integrates with other power sources like solar, wind, diesel



Fish-friendly hydrodynamic rotor with flow-optimized blades and low turning speeds.

• Compact low-noise submerged design.
• Core unit designed to operate for over 25 years
• Submersible gearbox and generator outfitted with Double Eagle Burgmann* mechanical face seals that can with stand any type of flood
• Secondary sealing system with multiple layers of protection against fresh and brackish water debris and sand designed by SKF for continuous heavy-duty use in harsh
• All rotor and casing parts made from stainless steel used in the food industry
• Carbon steel parts have an impact- and abrasion-resistant coating
• Equipped with maintenance-free induction generator from European manufacturers.


Remote Control and Monitoring

A range of control and monitoring solutions can be provided to fit your specific project requirements, all building up to the latter:

• On/Off + emergency button
• Manual sluice gate and turbine operation

• Automatic control for genset
• Sluice gate control for Active flood protection + increased power output.
• Basic remote monitoring by Turbulent
• Optional: Multiple consumer lines individually controlled.

• Remote control via mobile/PC and locally with a touch screen control
• Detailed monitoring and web dashboard


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