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From Know-How to Grow-How
  • Proven indoor plant biology: your NET yield is the cornerstone of your protability
  • Proven factory engineering: 25+ Plant Factories and counting
  • End-to-End Solutions for your Return on Investment

Renexus Urban Crop Solution for Food Production

Renexus has partnered with Urban Crop Solutions to provide turnkey solutions in the fast-emerging closed environment vertical farming industry.

The solutions comprise using the best fully automated grow infrastructure using LED lighting that produces the healthiest and most cost efficient leafy greens whenever and wherever you want!

With growth recipes for more than 200 crop varieties, we offer added value in the following industries: food production, food processing, R&D, retail, medicinal and industry (industrial crops).


From Know-How to Grow-How 

A Combination of Factory Engineering and Indoor Plant Biology

"Urban Crop Solutions" offers end-to-end solutions for Indoor Vertical Farming. It all starts with the crop: your crop and the needs of your market. Based on 5 years of research and real-life trials in our own research center, we help you select the right plant varieties with the right growth recipe for the requirements of your crop.

We design, manufacture, and install automated Plant Factories that can scale to the needs of your business. We help you in your journey to yield and support your first harvest. With us, you’ll be able to grow any crop under LED light anywhere on the planet, year-round

Why a Plant Factory?

For your success (ROI), there are 4 main drivers

Our Solutions

Factory Engineering

FarmPro Container Farm

With 68.6m2 (738 sq.ft) growing surface, output up to 5000 kg (11,023 lbs)/yr. Low labor cost with 2 automated Crop-to-person carousels.

FarmFlex Container Farm

With a growing surface up to 51m2 (549 sq.ft), it offers high flexibility in crop mix for research applications.

ModuleX Plant Factory


Scale up from 2 to 64 Grow Modules at 86m2 (926 sq.ft) growing surface per Module. Capex @ 1800 EUR/m2 (167 EUR/sq.ft)

Large Scale Plant Factory

Custom Engineered inside a new or existing stand-alone building. Capex @ approx. 2750 EUR/m2 (255 EUR/sq.ft) or other option

Indoor Plant Biology

We offer you research and “Grow-How” in our 10 controlled environment growth chambers, 1 FarmPro and 1 ModuleX for crop cultivar screening, nutrient formulations, plant cultivation techniques, LED light spectrum research, hydroponic irrigation and substrate development. The ‘Grow-How’ of our scientists with 30+ years of experience, enables us to serve customers with the support of 200+ recipes.

ModuleX: The Modular Plant Factory

Start up small. Minimize your initial CAPEX, and build your showcase farm with a ModuleX-2.

As you develop new routes to the market around you, when you attract more customers, then scale-up in a smart way.

Add Grow Modules as you need, with a fast 12-week lead time. And grow your business to a ModuleX-64 and beyond

Each Grow Module has an independent ClimateZone and Nutrient system.

Grow Genovese Basil in the ‘Italian' ClimateZone, and grow microgreens the Grow Module right next to it, in a ‘Belgian’ Climate with a separate optimized nutrient mix. Adapt your mix of crops to the needs of your customers.

Reduce your labor cost while each growing bench comes to you within 90 seconds with the push of a button; made possible by the BenchCarousel.

Reduce your CAPEX to 1800 EUR/m2 (167 EUR/sq.ft), because 1 Grow Module contains an industry-best 86m2 (926 sq.ft) growing surface. Achieve your maximum yield when your crops receive 100% of the light, (almost) 100% of the time.

Indoor Biology Research

R&D Equipment


We can mimic any climate on earth within our labs. To validate yields and improve plant growth recipes in our factories, we also operate a full-scale FarmPro container farm, and a ModuleX Grow Module.

Our main activities are crop variety screening, enhancing nutrient formulations and perfecting plant cultivation techniques. We have developed our own LED light technology, and continue our experiments to enhance plant response to LED light spectrum and intensity.

Indoor Biology Research

We think inside the box

We don’t believe in standard solutions. Why? Every single climate creates different issues. That is why we reconfigure all our systems to match your products’ requirements and your business operations. We carefully select the components you need to achieve the most effective configuration for your situation. We have the highest precision when it comes to controlling all environmental variables : temperature, humidity, airflow, LED light, air flow, irrigation and nutrient formulation.

Controlled Environment Agriculture - CEA

Which variables define a Plant Growth Recipe?

Any Crop Under the Sun you can grow under LED

The Urban Crop Research Center has supported the development of not just many plants, but also for a wide range of applications and industries:

Applications & Industries

Your Journey to Profit

Our road to a profitable customer

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