From know-how to grow-how
  • Proven indoor plant biology: your NET yield is the cornerstone of your pro tability
  • Proven factory engineering: 25+ PlantFactories and counting
  • End-to-End Solutions for your Return on Investment


Renexus has partnered with Urban Crop Solutions to provide turnkey solutions in the fast-emerging closed environment vertical farming industry.

The solutions comprise using the best fully automated grow infrastructure using LED lighting that produces the healthiest and most cost efficient leafy greens whenever and wherever you want!

With growth recipes for more than 200 crop varieties, we offer added value in the following industries: food production, food processing, R&D, retail, medicinal and industry (industrial crops).


Why Urban Crop Solutions?

Climate change is making more and more crops difficult to grow. In many regions, intensive agriculture is depleting clean water and arable land. Meanwhile, the planet’s population is growing to 10 billion people with 70% living in megacities. Indoor vertical farming helps to tackle these challenges.

Our Technology
• Grows fresh and healthy food for local communities
• Delivers 365-day security of supply, independent of climate or uncertain weather • Guarantees high quality and level of active ingredients in high-value crops

How Our Technology Benefits You:

Higher nutritional value & food security
Optimized and fully controlled conditions lead to healthy and safe crops, without using pesticides or herbicides.

Higher resource efficiency
95% less freshwater usage compared to traditional growing by recycling the water transpired by the plants. Hyperlocal production minimizes food miles and helps sustain the environment.

Extremely flexible systems
We developed 200+ growth recipes. They can be downloaded remotely into the PlantFactory software, allowing for a quick changeover to a new crop, independent from the outdoor climate or geographical location. Anyone can now become a farmer, by the touch of a button.

Match production & consumption
Growth, harvesting, and consumption in one location cuts through the traditional value chain, reducing inventory costs, pollution, transportation, and eliminating markups of intermediaries.


Indoor Plant Biology, Combined With Factory Engineering Focused On ROI

Simple Facts

  • We have proven indoor plant biology: your NET yield is the cornerstone of your profitability
  • We have proven factory engineering: 25+ PlantFactories and counting
  • We ofer you End-to-End Solutions for your Return on Investment

Renexus Food Security Solutions for Governments and Industries:

Our approach as a cleantech ecosystems builder for Clean Food, is to provide and meet the criteria for national food security that is guided by the United Nations’ Committee on World Food Security. Our solutions serves to ensure continuous access to sufficient, safe and nutritious, as well as halal certified produce that fulfill the requirements of the community, government and industries.


A PlantFactory is custom engineered and constructed within a stand-alone building. It allows you to grow in any available space, whether it is a basement or a warehouse. This way, you can produce leafy greens year-round on an industrial scale. A fully automated solution with a growing surface larger than 5000 m² (53.800 sq. ft.).

In an Urban Crop Solutions PlantFactory, everything is designed and engineered according to the available space and to your needs: the cultivation area, our innovative LED growing technology, ingenious irrigation systems, and climate control.


Economies of scale allow for extensive automation and labor cost savings in crop handling and processing. Suitable for production of leafy greens, herbs, microgreens, and medicinal plants, … Base price ranges between 2.500-3.000 EUR/m² (232-279 EUR/sq. ft.), depending on the level of automation in handling and crop processing.


1. FarmPRO ‘Productivity’ Container Farm
The FarmPRO has a growing surface of 68.6 m2 (738 sq. ft.) and features 2 automated crop-to-operator carousels, resulting in industry-leading labor e ciency. The grow module is a stand-alone unit in a sealed and insulated 40ft freight container. Fully equipped in stainless steel, with a hydroponic NFT gully irrigation system. Commercial growers have built successful businesses delivering fresh produce to high-end restau- rants, local groceries, and foodservi4ce suppliers. The FarmPRO contains its own germination space (4m 243 sq.ft.) and has a vegetative growing surface of 68.6 m2 (738 sq.ft). The base price is 137.000 EUR or 1.998 EUR/vegetative m2 (186 EUR/vegetative sq.ft.).

2. FarmFLEX ‘Flexible’ Container Farm
The FarmFLEX has a growing surface up to 55 m2 (592 sq.ft.), and o ers larger  exibility in crop mix, as the center aisle allows immediate access to all plants. The container farm works with an ebb &  ow irrigation system on growing benches and is fully equipped in stainless steel. This design, standard in the industry, requires a commercial grower to walk into the Farm for planting & harvesting and is less productive than the FarmPRO.
The base price is 138.000 EUR for a 5-layer system or 3.286 EUR/vegetative m2 (305 EUR/sq.ft.)

3. FarmLAB ‘Research’ Container Farm
The FarmLAB is engineered based on the FarmFLEX, with upgrades for  exible LED lighting plans and extra software controls. All of this can be tailored to a specific crop and/or growth phase. Our customers have used the FarmLAB successfully for the research of wheat, banana plant propagation,  owers, hemp, and many others. Call us for the requirements of your research.

ModuleX PlantFactory

The Module X can expand from 2 to 64 “Grow Modules”, so your Plant Factory can scale up with your business. One Grow Module equals 84 m2 (904 sq. ft.) of growing surface, yielding about 6.000 kg/year (13.228 lbs/year) of fresh vegetables. Each separate module allows for a different climate and nutrient system, allowing your mix of crops to match the requirements of your customer. Call us for a feasibility study with your desired volumes, crop mix, and input costs.

The Module X base price is 1.800 EUR/m2 (167 EUR/sq.ft.) which is the lowest investment per square meter/square foot growing surface in the industry. The labor costs are low due to the patented crop-to-operator automated transport. This is your best solution to maximize your return on investment. Example: Module X-8 has 8 Grow Modules for a total of 672 m2 (7.230 sq.ft.). Base price 1.2 Mio EUR for an output of approximately 44.000 kg (97.000 lbs) romaine lettuce per year.

Low risk:
Module X allows for a fast start-up, with only a 12-week manufacturing lead time. Assembly and standardized Quality Control are performed at our central manufacturing location in Belgium. After commissioning on-site, the risk for contamination and business interruption is mitigated by having completely separated GrowModules.

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