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Smart City



Renexus and its international consortium partner are bringing leading-edge technology solutions, driving the Cleantech Smart City Ecosystem in Asia Pacific. In Malaysia, Renexus is playing a major role in backing the Smart City Initiative - the main thrust of the 12th Malaysia Plan (2021-2025) aligned with the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Goal Developments (SDGs) Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities.

In addressing the urban pain points of a city, municipality and/or city state to achieve a clean smart city, Renexus provides comprehensive Clean Smart City solutions by integrating the advanced Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) such as Internet of Things (IoT), Enterprise of Things (Eot), Cloud Computing and Big Data.

With our partners, AVEVA and Astrikos, we deliver end-to-end from consultancy and design, unified data and operations center, systems integration, training and education that is ISO certified, with analytical tools.

Our solutions to build clean, smart cities "Nexus One Platform" (NX1) are powered by AVEVA® Unified Operations Center, a true “System of Systems” approach of solving the complex challenges of Smart Cities. Unified Operations Center platform for Smart Cities is the foundation for real-time operational performance management for infrastructure and process industry companies providing closed-loop enterprise-wide visibility to optimize assets and operations.

Astrikos supports the operational and consultancy site in the building of Smart City powered by S!AP. S!aP is an Intelligent Platform that mines the IoT data from smart infrastructure, industrial systems, and data centers in cross-platform analytics using high-performance frameworks and ML libraries for actionable insights. The platform enables the rapid delivery of city solutions with any combination of the following on a single technology infrastructure:

  • End to end fully integrated approach
  • Out of the box smart city solutions
  • Modular scalability and agility
  • Rapidly develop new IoT solutions

Renexus through Astrikos are into the areas of Technology (ICT) in providing advisory and implementation efforts to the industry on migration with the implementation of Industrial Automation 5.0 for Smart Cities and Smart Industries by means of cognitive intelligence and data science product lines.

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