Organica Water IFAS - FCR
  • Significantly reduced physical footprint
  • Zero psychological footprint
  • Lower operational cost
  • Lower infrastructure cost

Renexus has partnered with Organica to bring the world leading sustainable wastewater solutions to our communities.

With land values and water scarcity on the rise, it is clear that sustainable water management for any community MUST include onsite treatment and water recycling in population centers, with complete Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) construction in a compact, odorless, botanical garden-like facility.

Our facilities utilise biofilms on natural (plant) and/or engineered root structures, all housed in a fully enclosed, odorless facility. The result is a solution which offers a significantly reduced physical footprint and lower operational and infrastructure costs when compared to conventional wastewater treatment solutions, all in the form of a pleasant botanical garden-like environment that can located right in the center of town.

This proven solution has been adopted by largest waste companies and EPC contractors with more than 110 plants in operation or under construction worldwide including large municipalities to multinational companies such as General Motors, Audi, Alcoa, Shell, Suzuki and General Electric.

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